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  Sunset Across the Field          50x40 x2 cm      £135

 The Sun slides magicly below the horizon casting a spell of colour across the field to the trees.


                  Sunlit Surf                     50x40 x2 cm      £125

 The bright summer sun warms the sea as it ripples gently to the shore gently tinkling the pebbles.


 Sea View from the Leas                  Folksetone       50x40 x2 cm      £125

 The bright January sun chases the srormy clouds away and paints a myriad of colours across the sea


  Sunset behind the Headland    76x51x2 cm                       £255

 At the end of a stormy day the sun slips slowly behind the headland casting a silver light across the sea


             Blazing Dawn           50 x 40x2 cm      £125                 

   The silent woodland is surprised by the summer sun blazing a trail through the trees to start another beautiful summers day


 December sunrise from                 my window                     50 x 40x 2cm      £125

   A cold December morning brightened by the rising sun [painting an orange glow across the sky and chasing of the wintry clouds.



   Impressions of Autumn         50 x 40 x 2 cm   £125

   A cold,grey, damp December day so I painted an impression of a bright Autumn  day with the slight feeling of mists in the air and hot colurs to warm the heart.



A   Walk into the Sunlight            50 x 40 cm   £125

  A summers walk through Kent, a slight rustle of leaves in the air from the summer breeze as we leave the warm shade ibto the bright sunlight.          


           Avian Sunset                 50 x 40cm            £125

      As the sun glides slowly to the horizon the birds wheel and dance as if in trepidation of the darkening sky

         Raindrops SOLD 

       50 x 40cm    £105


    Kearsney Abbey Lake               50 x 40cm    £125

     Near Dover in Kent these gardens have a serenity of their own once the crowds have gone home. 

        October Sunset

       50 x 40cm    £125

   This is the best time of the year for sunsets, Fire across the sky I just had to paint this.   

Folkestone Coastal Park           50x 40cm  £135

A hot Summers day and resting in the shade while the children ialong the path head towards the play area.

  Stormy Seas Folkestone            50 x 40 cm £125

      I remember seas like this when the trains still ran onto the harbour arm and use to disappear from site in clouds of spray.  

        Woodland Sunset                 50 x 40cm    £125

    A calmness cloaks the woods as the last rays of the sun glide silently out of sight.  

       Patchwork Sunrise                 50 x 40cm    £125

      A scene across the Kent Downs one cold morning as the sun shakes off its slumber  to chase the blues away

The Sound of Rain  SOLD          50 x 40cm    £125


   Sunshine and Happiness

  SOLD 50 x 40cm    £125


    Forty Degrees SOLD

       50 x 40cm    £125


    Bluebell Dawn SOLD

      50 x 40cm    £155


    Folkestone Wildflower                  Coast SOLD

      50 x 40cm    £95


   London at Night SOLD

      50 x 40cm     £125


  Sunrise and Mists SOLD

      50 x 40cm     £125


  Sunrise Across the Field

      50 x 40cm    £125

 The Sun rises cautiously shedding its golden light across the fields to waken the world once more.

    Summer Tranquility                           SOLD

      50 x 40cm     £125


      Sunrise and Mists 2                          SOLD

      50 x 40 x 03cm   £125

        Oil on mdf board Free UK shipping

  Atmospheric Landscape                        SOLD

      50 x 40 cm   £175

          Evening Light 

      50 x 40 cm   £125

Heading home along the sunlit road the day slows down and peace once more invades the world.

   After the Rain SOLD

      50 x 40 cm   £175

   Cow Parsley Summer    SOLD    50 x 40 cm   £175

Reflections of Tranquility    SOLD    50 x 40 cm   £175

After the Rain, Sunlight & Mists.   50 x 40 cm £125                                               

A summer walk and a sudden shower  puddles the path, but the sun returns warming the  air and floating mists ahead holding a sweet damp perfume.

     Silent Spring SOLD

      50 x 40 cm   £215

           Wild Asters

      50 x 40 cm   £105

An insignificant little flower that brightens the day with glistening stars.

     Autumn Shadows

      50 x 40 cm   £125

A bright cool Autumn day, the sun low in the sky casting long shadows across the park imitating the distant blues on the horizon.

      Tranquil Waters

     50 x 40 cm   £125

The morning Sun reflects the tranquility of the scene in the placid waters of the lake.

    Summer Reflections

      50 x 40 cm   £105

   High Summer and the blue sky                 captures the lone tree in the still                waters 

   The First Steps in Life               50 x 40 cm £105  

Early morning and the sun silhouettes the chick as it takes its first steps into the welcoming reeds.

Bluebell Walk Kent  SOLD         50 x 40 cm   £155            

        Kent Woodland                   50 x 40 cm   £125            

The Silver Birch add a sense of mystery to the woodland clearing as the old split tree struggles again to cover its bear branches.

Dawn After the Rain SOLD          50 x 40 cm   £225            

Autumn Fire across the Lake 40 x  50 cm  £125  

The autumn sun, low in the sky paints the trees with light and reflects on the calm waters.

Golden Morning Light SOLD

40 x  50 cm  £125  

Woodland Reflections 40 x  50 cm  £125  

Dawn light rests on the peaceful greens and reflects the trees in the still waters.

            Serene Sunset                40 x  50 cm  £125  

The Sun glides down slowly to reflect on a good days work and to rest until dawn wakens it once more. 

A Squabble of Ducks in Russell Gardens Kearsney   40 x  50 cm  £125  

The peace of the gardens is rudely broken by a Squabble of ducks floundering in the water.

      Rosebay Willowherb           40 x  50 cm £95  

Always a sign that Summers here the Willowherb puts on a bright display

      Summer Flowers SOLD           40 x  50 cm £125  

       London Wetlands    SOLD      40 x 50 cm £155  

         Enbrook Park   SOLD            40 x 50 cm £205  

   Bluebells at the woodland edge    SOLD        

40 x 50 cm £95  

           Winter Sunrise   SOLD            40 x 50 cm £195  

  Summer Shadows  SOLD    40 x 50 cm            £150

        Girl in The Rain              40 x 50 cm    SOLD £225

Summer Path to the Woods  SOLD          40 x 50 cm        £195

           Summer Path   SOLD         40 x 50 cm        £195

Sunlight Through the Grass    SOLD          40 x 50 cm        £195

   After the Storm  SOLD      40 x 50 cm        £176

A Walk Through the Birch Woods    40 x 50 cm £125

The sun lights the path ahead with alternate shadows and creates a haze of blue in the distance

       Storm Brewing SOLD      40 x 50 cm        £155

       Woodland Reflections          SOLD 40 x 50 cm        £195

       The Warmth of Silence           SOLD         40 x 50 cm        £225


Autumn Path into the Mists  SOLD    50 x 40 cm  £125

     Sunset Across the Valley SOLD     50 x 40 cm  £195

                       Silent Pool  SOLD                      50 x 40 cm  £195

         Calm After the Storm SOLD         50 x 40 cm  £175

     A Willowherb Summer  SOLD     50 x 40 cm  £125

              Raindrops  SOLD                  50 x 40 cm £195

Summer Through the Gate SOLD  50 x 40 cm £125

           Indigo Dawn SOLD               50 x40 cm  £195 

 Stormy Seas 2 Folkestone SOLD   50 x40 cm  £155 

        Wildflower Sunset                      50 x 40 cm         £125            The hot summer sun blazes through the trees to highlight a myriad of wildflowers          

     Peaceful Reflections                   50 x 40 cm         £125               Peace reigns across the silent waters       

          Autumn Peace                       50 x 40 cm         £125                The river ripples on its way carrying the first signs of Autumn with it.   

   Sunlight Across the Stream SOLD            50 x 40 cm         £195                          

               Sunlit Path                     50 x 40 cm       SOLD            £205                          

   Wildflowers The Coastal            Park Folkestone     SOLD                50 x 40 cm                   £125                          

     Poppy Red Sky   SOLD             50 x 40 cm                   £225                          

      A Walk into Happiness   SOLD   50 x 40 cm   £195                                                      

  A Walk Through Hougham      Kent   SOLD   50 x 40 cm  £195                                                      

    A Walk into Autumn  SOLD               50 x 40 cm  £215                                                      

       Early Autumn Russell                   Gardens Kent SOLD                       50 x 40 cm  £195                                                      

    Medway Kent Atmosphere                          SOLD                                      50 x 40 cm  £215                                                      

      Sunlit Autumn Carpet                     50 x 40 cm  £125                   A brilliant carpet of fallen leaves is lit by the sun as one enters the field.                                   

              Sunlit Copse                     50 x 40 cm    SOLD   £215                                                                 

   Silent Woodland      SOLD              50 x 40 cm       £225                                                                 

       Evening Sunlight  SOLD               50 x 40 cm       £215                                                                 

          Sunlit Copse 2                        50 x 40 cm       £150                     The cool blue shadows are emphasised by the sunlight pushing through the trees.                                           

          Autumn Walkers   SOLD                     50 x 40 cm       £215                                                                 

 Russell Gardens Dov                50 x 40 cm    £125                        One of my favourite gardens that always seems to wrap a cloak of peace around your body                                                  

         Sunset the Leas                             Folkestone SOLD                  50 x 40 cm               £125                                                                 

      Summer Haze 2    SOLD                50 x 40 cm        £125                                                                 

               Poppy Sunset                     50 x 40 cm               £125       Like fire the sun echoes the clour of the poppies as it b ursts upon the scene.                                                           

       Sene Valley Golf Course           50 x 40 cm               £105            A hot summers walk and this small copse of trees dotted with wildflowers held a welcome  rest                                                   

       Magical Woodland             50 x 40 cm               £125               With the mists ahead disguising the trees and the wealth of colourful foliage  a sense of mystery seemed to pervade the air.                                               

Colourful Retirement     SOLD       50 x 40 cm               £125                                                                 

       September Sunset   SOLD          50 x 40 cm               £175                                                                 

              After the Rain                         50 x 40 cm               £125          A walk across the the top of the Kent Downs                                                      

            November Sunlight

         50 x 40 cm               £125                                                                 

 Summer Sunlight & Shadow           50 x 40 cm               £125                                                                 

       Raindrops and Poppies             50 x 40 cm               £95                                                                 

    Bluebell Walk  SOLD       50 x 40 cm            £195

    The Path under the Bridge      SOLD  50 x 40 cm  £195                     

The Old Mill Streams at Oare Kent         55 x 38 cm        SOLD         £195

      Wildflower Sunrise   SOLD     50 x 40 cm     £195  

            London Wetlands 3             50 x 40 cm   SOLD    £215


 Sunlight Across the Stream Enbrook Park SOLD

 40 x 50 cm        £205

       Summer Walk    SOLD            40 x 50 cm        £155

Sunlight and Shadow  SOLD        40 x 50 cm        £185

            The Downs UK          50 x 40 cm  £195 SOLD

Impressions of London SOLD   50 x 40 cm £155

Winter Sunlight  SOLD       50 x 40 cm £155

Sunlit Warren Folkestone

50 x 40 cm  £125 SOLD 


     Tranquil Stream SOLD

        50 x 40 cm    £125

     Sunlit Tranquility SOLD

       50 x 40 cm     £155

Winter Sunlight SOLD

50 x 54 cm £125

The Colour of My Love SOLD

50 x 40 cm  £195

Dreams SOLD

50 x 40 cm  £175

Sunset the Leas SOLD

50 x 40 cm £195

Wildflower Bank SOLD

50 x 40 cm   £125

Bosham October Sky SOLD

50 x 40 cm £125


Bosham Afer the Rain

50 x 40 cm £125

Sunlit Tranquility SOLD

50 x 40 cm £195

Autumn River of Light

40 x 50 cm £125

December After the Rain       

SOLD 40 x 50 cm £195

Cyprus Mountains SOLD

50 x 40 cm £155

Sunset and Horse SOLD

50 x 40 cm £155

Autumn Peace SOLD

50 x 40 cm £125