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          November Shadows            50 x 40  cm    £195 

A rural route to Canterbury Kent when the Sun, so low in the sky thro shadows across the road ahead causing the eyes to flash as you travel on.

                 Sunlit Surf                          50 x 40  cm    £145 

     A Promising Start  SOLD             50 x 40  cm    £145 

London Olympic Park Picnickers   50 x 40  cm    £145 

Reflections of a Summer  Sky    50 x 40  cm    £125 

              Evening Light                     50 x 40  cm    £145 

A recent review 2023

          Powerful Clouds over                    Dungeness Power              50 x 40  cm    £125 

         Sunrise Across the Fields              50 x 40  cm    £125 

         Kent Birch Woodland              50 x 40  cm    £125 

Bluebells Sunlight and Shade     SOLD    40 x 50  cm    £135 

   Woodland Sunset SOLD         50 x 40  cm    £145 

A Squabble of Ducks Russell            Gardens Kent  SOLD           40 x 50  cm    £125 

        Autumn Fire SOLD          40 x 50  cm    £125 

     Folkestone Coastal Park          50 x 40  cm    £125 

       A Walk into the Sunlight           50 x 40  cm    £125 

    Woodland Dawn   SOLD                   Oil on canvas board            40 x 50 x .05 cm    £95 

    Mind you don't fall in          40 x 50 cm £145 

    December Sunrise from my     Window      50 x 40 cm £145 

         Aurora Dawn   SOLD            50 x 40 cm £125 

    January Sky Folkestone SOLD Coastal Park      50 x 40 cm £145 

      The Rustle of Autumn        50 x 40 cm £175 

        Autumn Reflections  SOLD       40 x 50 cm £125 

               Sunset in Queen                    Elizabeth Park London           40 x 50 cm £155 

     Harvest Sunrise  SOLD      50 x 40 cm £145 

The rising Sun warms the swollen ears of corn on the first day of harvest

          Early Autumn Sunset           50 x 40 cm £175 

The lowering Sun casts its last rays of the day across the fields to welcome in Autumn

         Wild Asters    SOLD           50 x 40 cm £155 

Wild flowers waking to the morning sun

        Under the Hedgerow         50 x 40 cm £155 SOLD

The wild flowers are lit by the Sun filtering through the dark hedge             

          Dancing in the Sunlight                   40 x 50 cm £125                As the bright summer sun pierces the blue of the water it catches the fish dancing

      Its Bluebell Time  SOLD                   40 x 50 cm £155                The scent of bluebells is wafting through air on the warm woodland breeze Its Spring  again !

Flower Path into the Woods           SOLD      40 x 50 cm £175                A hot summer day with the scent of the flowers in the air as you head towards the cool shade of the trees

Evening Walk by the River                  40 x 50 cm £125                One of those calm summer evenings when the last bird calls vanish into the warm summer breeze           

    On the Road to Autumn            50 x 40 cm £155               The trees are lit by the roadside lamp in defiance of the Autumn storm clouds             

      At the End of the Day                       50 x 40 cm £195               The long summer day draws to a close and the sunlight          entices the stream towards its dying rays.             

          Summer Raindrops                         50 x 40 cm £125              A hot summers day and the sun is reflecting the dried reeds in th water as a passing rain cloud  invites the wind to ripple the calm waters

          Sunlight and Mists                 SOLD        50 x 40 cm £155                Early morning not a breath of wind and as the sun rises it chases the cool mists away 

          Autumn Warmth                    50 x 40 cm £175   SOLD             A bitter, wet, November day so I painted something to make me feel warm 

          Bluebell Impressions            50 x 40 cm £145

Autumn Path into the Mists SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Sunset Across the Valley SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Silent Pool SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Calm After the Storm SOLD 50 x 40 cm £175

A Willowherb Summer SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Raindrops SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Summer Through the Gate SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Indigo Dawn SOLD 50 x40 cm £195

Stormy Seas 2 Folkestone SOLD 50 x40 cm £155

Autumn Peace SOLD 50 x 40 x 2cm £155 The river ripples on its way carrying the first signs of Autumn with it.

     Sunlit Autumn                      Carpet               50 x 40 x 2cm £125        A brilliant carpet of fallen leaves is lit by the sun as one enters the field.

Sunlit Copse 2            50 x 40 x 2cm £155 The cool blue shadows are emphasized by the sunlight pushing through the trees.

Russell Gardens Dover                            50 x 40 x 2cm £125 One of my favourite gardens that always seems to wrap a cloak of peace around your body

Sene Valley Golf Course                          50 x 40 x 2cm £105 A hot summers walk and this small copse of trees dotted with wildflowers held a welcome rest

Magical Woodland 50 x 40 x 2cm £125 With the mists ahead disguising the trees and the wealth of colourful foliage a sense of mystery seemed to pervade the air.

 Sunlight  Across the    Path    SOLD               50 x 40 x 2cm £165

A late Autumn and the leaves are still showing some of their Summer colour as the sun low in the sky lights up the path ahead

Summer Sunlight & Shadow   SOLD          50 x 40 cm £135

A cool area beneath the hot Summer sun

Raindrops and Poppies     SOLD        50 x 40 x 2cm £95

Memories of childhood and the scent of rain lingering when the sun reappears once more.