Autumn Path into the Mists SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Sunset Across the Valley SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Silent Pool SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Calm After the Storm SOLD 50 x 40 cm £175

A Willowherb Summer SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Raindrops SOLD 50 x 40 cm £195

Summer Through the Gate SOLD 50 x 40 cm £125

Indigo Dawn SOLD 50 x40 cm £195

Stormy Seas 2 Folkestone SOLD 50 x40 cm £155

   Autumn Peace          50 x 40 x 2cm £125 The river ripples on its way carrying the first signs of Autumn with it.

     Sunlit Autumn                      Carpet               50 x 40 x 2cm £125        A brilliant carpet of fallen leaves is lit by the sun as one enters the field.

Sunlit Copse 2            50 x 40 x 2cm £155 The cool blue shadows are emphasized by the sunlight pushing through the trees.

Russell Gardens Dover                            50 x 40 x 2cm £125 One of my favourite gardens that always seems to wrap a cloak of peace around your body

Sene Valley Golf Course                          50 x 40 x 2cm £105 A hot summers walk and this small copse of trees dotted with wildflowers held a welcome rest

Magical Woodland 50 x 40 x 2cm £125 With the mists ahead disguising the trees and the wealth of colourful foliage a sense of mystery seemed to pervade the air.

November Sunlight   50 x 40 x 2cm £125

A late Autumn and the leaves are still showing some of their Summer colour as the sun low in the sky lights ip the path ahead

Summer Sunlight & Shadow                        50 x 40 cm £125

A cool area beneath the hot Summer sun

Raindrops and Poppies                        50 x 40 x 2cm £95

Memories of childhood and the scent of rain lingering when the sun reappears once more.